Windows 11 23H2 is here! What‘s on board for your endpoint management.

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Windows 11, version 23H2, is the latest feature update for Windows 11, tailored to empower businesses and startups with a range of exciting capabilities and enhancements. Whether you’re developing desktop, web, or mobile apps, Windows 11, version 23H2, has something for you. In this article, we’ll shine a spotlight on the essential features and enhancements you’ll want to explore to improve your endpoint management.  

Key Features 

Support for Passkeys 

As more companies embrace passkeys in the market, Microsoft is joining in by bringing this feature to windows itself. With the latest update, your employees can take control of their passkeys for apps and websites directly from within Windows. This means enhanced authentication security across all the services they use. 

Windows Passwordless Experience 

You can now manage the passwordless experience for your users through a robust security policy. This means you can enhance the security of your IT infrastructure by deciding whether users on Entra ID(Azure AD) joined devices should use a password or not. This is a significant security boost, especially for mobile workers. No more worries about your password falling into the wrong hands while working from your favorite coffee shop! 

Web Sign-In for Windows 

You can now use the web sign-in, which was up to now limited to temporary access passes, as a regular sign-in experience for your users. This opens the door to experiences like passwordless sign-in using an authenticator app and sign-in with federated identity. 

Declared Configuration Protocol 

This marks a major shift in device configuration. Instead of the endpoint management server being solely responsible for configuring devices with the adequate profiles, it now delegates this responsibility of the configuration itself to the local declared configuration stack. This change ensures that the configuration becomes more precise and robust. Plus, you can perform dual enrolment during the transition phase. 


The DevDrive is essentially a storage volume formatted with Microsoft’s new ReFS, which provides enhanced performance and resilience. This form of storage is the perfect solution for your startup’s code repositories or caches for temporary build files. This means, your developers can work efficiently on their deliverables. 


This is the command center for your development success. With DevHome, you can gather all the essential information for your projects and DevAccounts in one convenient location. The information provided can be tailored to your needs through customizable widgets. This ensures, that you have everything at your fingertips to fuel the growth of your business 

This was just a short glimpse into the most relevant features coming your way in the new update, designed to bolster your startup journey. If these features pique your interest and you’d like to harness them for your success, just book a session with us.

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