Cryptix IT4Startups, your IT infrastructure and digitization partner

Meet the Team

Bernhard Koch

Cryptix Founder & Chairman

Armin Reiter


Herbert Steinmetz​

Senior Systems and Security Engineer​

Nikita Samylin

Head of Corporate Communications

Tobias Geiser

Head of Marketing

Leandra Goncalves​

Backoffice Assistent

Blaz Titovsek

Graphic Designer

...and many more in the Cryptix Ecosystem.

What We Care About


We focus on your success.

Effective IT Infrastructure

We provide transparent and precise solutions.

Efficient IT Governance

We assume full responsibility for your IT development.


Together, we're stronger.

What You Can Expect

Let's get to know each other.

We place great importance on introducing you to our team, ensuring quick and spot-on communication, allowing us to really understand your needs.

How? We kick things off with a workshop where we can outline our collaboration and your immediate, mid and long term objectives.

Speedy and smooth handover.

Speed is key, especially for startups. That’s why we’ll work closely with your IT experts to implement the initial necessary measures and ensure value from the get-go.

How? If you have existing IT infrastructure, we ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruption of your ongoing IT and business development. If you are starting off from scratch, we build solid foundations in just a few days and provide support for a smooth transition to a new, secure and regulatory compliant infrastructure.

Leave the rest
up to us.

From this point onwards, we take on the services and the process. This means you and your experts can shift your focus to what you do best – your product and your success.

How? We ensure your systems run smoothly, stay up-to-date, and remain resilient and secure. We keep a close eye on your IT, security and regulatory landscape so that we can tackle risks and seize opportunities for improvements and innovation to your advantage as quickly as possible.

How It All Started

With extensive prior experience in building IT infrastructure for various customers and ventures under its parent company, Cryptix AG, our experts designed a new, customizable solution. This solution equips any startup with a simple, efficient, cost-effective and hassle-free IT infrastructure. The team envisioned this as a dependable partner for any startup seeking a secure and compliant IT foundation. And from this, IT4Startups was born.

Your Trusted IT Infrastructure Partner

Those That Trust Us